I’m Dead

I’m alive. I tried the substack thing for January. Everybody’s doing it. Every other day? Ambitious and over. Dormant for now.

Dealing with several incurable illnesses, dclimate disaster and fascista on my lawn? I’m pretty wiped out.

Yes, Neon Hysteric is out. Yes, that is me on the cover. Yes, everytime I look at the cover I feel the pain of the me that was. That I am in that book. That I am no longer. Everything is so much better now. Even with my body dying.

In 2006 I quoted Mike Kelley in my old blog. He said, “I make art to give other people my problems.” I saw his name in the art world emails I get, and smiled. Twenty years later. I did it too.

Take the books. Read them. I wrote it down so I could forget it. Not hold it. Now my brain is fading too. Memory? That memoirish series feels like I happened to someone else. I am someone else now.

Someone who is legally alive, still, as the IRS accepted my tax return. The rest TBD.

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