It’s NOT over

Something extraordinary happened last night. I am still reeling at something this good happening to me out of nowhere. Given current and recent maestorm.

I was poking around in my junk email folder, where I discovered Donald Trump still sends me emails over buying stickers for a Halloween costume in 2015. Somewhat like a haunted attic in there. Luckily no death threats.

I found a business email from an Indian publisher. Moved it to my inbox. Thought about what to do. Looked into my heart and emailed back, “Yes.”

Emails were exchanged, my nocturnal tendency validated, a contract signed, etc…

I am excited to say that “Ripe Bruised Fruit: Essays” is now set to be released in paperback on Amazon with newly designed cover. Internationally.

I am thrilled. This is exactly what I wanted for my ebooks, a different publisher handling the paperback redesign and improving distribution. I have some skills, but graphic design is not one of them.

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