Artist Statement

Andrea Lambert is a writer and artist whose EverybodyWiki is here. Themes of abjection, mental illness, the transgressive and the occult inhabit her work.

She is reading at AWP Portland at 7pm, Friday March 29, 2019 at Mother Foucault’s Bookshop with Joe Milazzo, Tiffany Promise and Alana Saltz.

She has recently been experimenting with reading her work as YouTube videos. See them at her YouTube Channel here. Here is a poem called “The Business of Writing”:

She writes an ongoing personal essay series in Entropy Magazine’s Food SectionDining with a Cursed Bloodline: is a series of autobiographical personal essays investigating sumptuous food, the goings on of a tight-knit Reno family, and queer disabled survival during the Trumpocalypse. A widowed witch with Schizoaffective Disorder, anxiety and PTSD explores her world through food, from Cherry Clafouti’s from her backyard tree to traditional Italian Christmas cookies.

The next installment, “Dining with a Cursed Bloodline: Nip Slips for Christmas,” is here. Her occult essay, “Solar Eclipse Ritual with Satan” is in Quail Bell Magazine here.

Her short story, “Loteria: Rebooted,” is forthcoming January 2019 from The Lottery Project.

She paints in figurative mixed media oils critically referenced in Anodyne Magazine as “kitchy maximalism.” Some paintings and an interview are in Angel’s Flight Literary West here.

Her 2009 Frisco Disco debut Jet Set Desolate, now a millennial period piece, is available at Amazon  and on on downloadable ebook pdf here. Her books of poetry and list collaborating with a Swedish poet, Lorazepam and the Valley of Skin: Extrapolations on Los Angeles/730910-2155 is available at valeveil.

The anthology, Impact: Queer Sci Fi’s Fifth Annual Flash Fiction Contest is available on AmazonThe anthology, Golden State 2017: The Best New Writing from California is available from Amazon. The anthology, Haunting Muses is available from Amazon. The anthology, Writing the Walls Down: A Convergence of LGBTQ Voices is available on Amazon.

The digital chapbook, “Lexapro Diary: Events of January 22, 2007 is readable at Moonchaps.

Thank you for tuning in.


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  1. lizzie says:

    Your Guilt zine is one of my favorite things I’ve read since I can remember. It’s something I’ve been waiting for, you know? It has all the things I want in a read: lesbians, drugs, references to LA and/or SF, glitter. Okay that sounds superficial, but. You’re amazing and I love your writing. I keep Guilt in my purse just to reread it.

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