Andrea Lambert is queer writer and artist with Schizoaffective Disorder and Long COVID. Themes of abjection, mental illness, the liminal and the occult inhabit her work. Here is her EverybodyWiki. CalArts MFA. Reed BA.

Big Witch Energy just reprinted “Seance for Healing Forgiveness,” in their GHOST PROTOCOL fall issue here.

Fevers of the Mind has the flash fiction piece, “Border Crossing.” Here.

Novels: Jet Set Desolate, Scaffolding, Neon Hysteric, Hollywood Hedgewitch and Grieving Through American Horror Story. Essays: Dining with a Cursed Bloodline. Books of Poetry: Lorazepam & the Valley of Skin: Extrapolations on Los Angeles and Bleed Almond: Poetry Before Trump. Chapbooks: G(u)ilt and Lexapro Diary. Anthologies: Impact, Golden State 2017, Haunting Muses, Writing the Walls Down, and elsewhere.

Lambert paints in figurative mixed media oils critically referenced in Anodyne Magazine as “kitchy maximalism.” Her YouTube and TicTok explore video art.

This is Howl revisited, the best minds of the generation (God help us if they really are the best…) sealing their own fate across a detonated, bombed out landscape of needles, semen, blood, shit, skin, and smashed up chemical relationships, the dumb spoil of the rejected working out their ethical response to a Word-God that first rejected them, deep down, in the belly hole of shadows and disgust.

Richard Marshall, “Gonzo at the Heart of the American Empire,” 3:AM Magazine, June 29, 2009 re: Jet Set Desolate.