Artist Statement

I am a writer and artist profiled in Wikigrain. Issues of the Dionysian, boundaries, transgression and the West Coast inhabit my work.


wire and vaudeville, oil, mixed media, 2000

Recent press: The announcement for the Haunting Muses anthology by Bedazzled Ink is in Publisher’s Weekly here, here and Queer Sci Fi here. I am often in Entropy’s Sunday List here.

Recent art publications: Three Nineties Paintings” are in Hinchas de Poesia here. Eight oil paintings and an interview with me are in Angel’s Flight Literary West here.

Recent publications: The creative nonfiction and Diary of a Hollywood Hedgewitch excerpt “My Wife’s Ghost” is in the Bedazzled Ink anthology Haunting Muses. Amazon order here. My latest food essay, “Dinner Whore Celibate,” is in Entropy here. The poem, “Just Couldn’t Build Your White Picket Fences,” and the painting “The Apparition” are in Angel’s Flight Literary West here. “Four Micropoems” are in Five:2:One Magazine with a video of me reading them here.

Forthcoming publications: The essay, “Portrait of the Artist as a Crazy Cat Lady,” is coming November 1, 2016 in  The Account Magazine. An essay, “Responsibility and Choices Being Queer, Disabled and Child-free” is coming soon from MotherShould? “Board-Box” excerpt from Katie Rising with two oil paintings is forthcoming from Two Hawks Quarterly.  An essay, “Intersectionality and the Orlando Shooting” is coming from Queer Mental Health. The poems “Nocturne” and “Old Wounds, Freeways and Things that are Not,” are forthcoming in apt in December 2016. “The View Like an Ashtray” novel excerpt from Katie Rising will be published in the 2017 California Prose Directory.

My poetry manuscript Bleed Almond is finished and seeking publication.


Three Ladies, oils, mixed media, 2014

My first novel, Jet Set Desolate, is the second book in a series of stand-alone small press novels that I am working on about a mentally ill queer writer and artist named Lena Cosentino. The first in the series is called Scaffolding. The prequel to Jet Set Desolate. Punk, Bipolar Disorder and alcoholism in Portland in the nineties. Picking up where Jet Set Desolate left off with the third in the series is Angelina at the Serrano. A noir journey of addiction, an MFA and recovery in San Francisco, San Diego, CalArts and Los Angeles. The forth in the series is Katie Rising. My relationship with 27-Club writer Katie Jacobson.  Diary of a Hollywood Hedgewitch is the fifth book in the series. A now-widowed Wiccan searches for love and sobriety from a fabulous Hollywood address. Scaffolding, Angelina at the Serrano and Diary of a Hollywood Hedgewitch are finished and seeking publication. Katie Rising is still a novella to become a novel and needs work.

I paint in figurative oils, mixed media and collage critically referenced in Anodyne Magazine as “kitchy maximalism.” My scandalous NSFW Series is here.

I love this Will Rees essay on “The Private Life” at 3:AM Magazine where he states, “‘The Ego’ — to quote Freud, as Cohen often does — ‘is not master in its own house.’ Could it be the repulsion and anxiety this provokes that fuels our desire to broadcast everything about ourselves online? our sense of entitlement to know everything about others? the complicity, that is, that we each of us share in the culture of intrusion we claim to abhor?”

At the intersection of lifestyle, Bewitched and commodidity fetishism, exploring visual ideas with InstagramTumblrPinterestYouTube and Yelp.  Let me create a world.  Twitter is fun. So’s my rarely updated blog.

Jet Set Desolate is available at Amazon.  Lorazepam and the Valley of Skin: Extrapolations on Los Angeles/730910-2155 is available at valeveil. Haunting Muses is available from AmazonWriting the Walls Down: A Convergence of LGBTQ Voices is available from Trans-Genre Press. The L.A. Telephone Book, Vol. 1 2011-2012 is available on free pdf from ARRAS.NET.

Thank you for tuning in.

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  1. lizzie says:

    Your Guilt zine is one of my favorite things I’ve read since I can remember. It’s something I’ve been waiting for, you know? It has all the things I want in a read: lesbians, drugs, references to LA and/or SF, glitter. Okay that sounds superficial, but. You’re amazing and I love your writing. I keep Guilt in my purse just to reread it.