The January 2023 Substack: New Years Day

I’d just rather have it over here. The following entries were published every other day via Substack throughout January 2023. After which I was burnt out.

  1. New Years Day

I’m sitting here staring out the back window, at snow dollops covering the cherry tree. The sunrise fading into blue. Not the usual, Nevada winter sun, which is bleak, pitiless and so bright it wants to re tile the backs of my eye sockets. It’s easy to imagine dried skulls and bones in this desolation.

I’m wearing way too much makeup. A black dress. A rosary. Tattoos that wear me. Cozy blanket. Lying on a couch. Sort of watching The Royals. Sort of stoned. At least I made coffee.

I watch the kittens play with the fallen red curtain. Sid and Nancy runs off. Little Lilith takes over. Wanders off.

Already, looking out the window again it is Donner Party eyeball melting light. My sunglasses are somewhere inside. Considering I’m still relearned how to wear makeup after that coma, and have barely mastered false eyelashes, that would not be a bad idea. But no one’s watching. Except the millions of CIA and private drone surveillance, of course. And you who is reading this.

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