On Party Planning And Other Things

I am writing this the evening before the online book party for DINING WITH A BY ANDREA LAMBERT CURSED BLOODLINE.

NEON HYSTERIC IS THE SEQUAL TO JET SET DESOLATE is coming out next. I am already thinking online book party, once again. A prerecorded YouTube reading as with my last book party is one option.

I would like to incorporate a live Q and A, or live element at all. Regrettably, I fell way behind the technology curve when I was fighting for my life and resuming consciousness and functionality over the last three years.

I have never Zoomed.  That should give you an idea of how disconnected and out of commission I was.

2023 is the year of me. Taking back my identity. I am so happy with the work my publisher is doing. The joie de vivre it adds. The jolt of serotonin esctasy at unboxing my books. Slightly altered titles? Whatever!

I have not had exciting good things to celebrate, or the ability to celebrate them, for quite a long time.

Having something to live for is key for me to stick around in this…troubled…corporeal plane. Any reason not to take the final solution is invaluable. In past years, I’ve stayed alive for new Lana Del Rey albums, new seasons of American Horror Story. Seeing my life dreams finally come true is a hugely motivating reason. Validating my painful endurance of that which came before.

I have this odd little fantasy about sitting there with Keith Richards telling stories and playing cards at the end of the world. He’ll be downing whiskey shots. I’ll be wearing sequins.

That’s worth staying alive for.

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