Neon Hysteric

This evening began with waking from a lovely nap.

Right now I am eating an ice cream bar in bed, wearing a red onesie like Bob Crachit. The Christmas lights in my bedroom are on. The Christmas tree is dark. I would/should/could take that down someday when I have enough strength, drive and energy to do so.

Suddenly, right now seems like a time to start. It is February, I know.

From a chronic illness perspective, however, I am planning in leaving it up in perpetuity. I have to save all of my strength for tomorrow’s necessary chore. Taking out the trash. In what looks like will be snowy weather.

Budgeting energy, like budgeting time and money, is crucial for me in finding ways to live in my house, in my impaired body and still get things done.

Suddenly, bed seems even cozier. Sleeping cats on the bed. Maybe I can calm down and rejoin  them. Can I? Worth trying.

Oh, before I fall into a sleep of death and my corpse is reanimated by a Swedish aristocrat, I should drop the good news.

NEON HYSTERIC is out! I am thrilled. Never gets old.

Available on Amazon here.

Available at Barnes and Nobel here.

So buy yourself one. And your sixteen faerie sisters or whoever might want one. Valentines Day is coming up.

As for book party, it turns out the stress of the last one eliminated any further desire for me. I have grown so damaged that reliable speech, performance, timely recording of a reading, etc…. are all dead as disco.

I don’t even know how I’m still alive.

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