A Pox Upon Scams

Regrettably, my overambitious yet entirely on brand for iratic Schizoaffective/Bipolar overcommitment slashed with catatonic depression, personal disaster and decking the halls, “Hollywood Hedgewitch” as a video project took a wee break. Exhibit part #240 of how chronic illness unpredictability keeps me permanently unemployable.

Six months later, now that my marriage is saved and I am feeling creative again, I am thinking about resuming it. We’ll see.

“Time has a way of working these things out.”

The Royals on E!

Today’s heartbreaking attempt to build out a domain I thought I owned, being as I just received a WHOSIS email about it, led me to google WordPress scams and it all came clear. The Internet is as corrupt and untrustworthy as the humans that created it. This portfolio site has held up, and for that I am extremely thankful.

It’s really hard to clear up all those trust issues when people keep pulling these dangerous scams. Reconfirming to me once and for all that while there are a few great loyal people in my life, there are also many scammers out there who would harvest every drop of personal information they can glean from my selective specificity in creative nonfiction for nefarious acts.

Trust no one.”

That includes death threat scams, whether from bounty hunters or impersonators of ancient cults, robocall scams, other people’s lawyers seeking to sue me, etc… All that rather nasty stuff that comes with rising of profile.

Fame is a Prison

Lady Gaga

Although the death threats took ovaries of steel and acute agoraphobic shutdown, nevertheless I persist. It’s not like I need or want to go outside or have normal interpersonal interactions beyond the select few who have proven themselves.

Unscrupulous data harvesting and weaponizing of data motivated me to shut down this sweatshop of one for a few difficult months. Especially as it is, in a sense, philanthropy. I don’t see freelance paychecks from any of my creativity. I don’t have assistants,/agents/PR people, any of it. Web hosting and other fees come from my SSDI Disability check.

Suing me for fantasy funds because I put up a good smoke and mirrors show will not yield much but a few doilies and refuse of dead arts. Did you really want to go to all that trouble for a pile of books and records?

Besides, what did I do? Why are you angry? Who am I even talking to? I’m a bit in the dark here. Perhaps Schizoaffective paranoia, but a lot of receipts have been piling up.

So let’s just not go there. I much prefer working things out amicably. Which to my knowledge is already done with the issues I am aware of. Please let me know personally remotely in print if anyone has further legitimate legal issues and we’ll work it out.

If you just want me dead? Don’t expect me to pay you to prevent it. Some bounty hunters already tried that.

I don’t like to flex, yet I am not as vulnerable or helpless as my literary persona may appear. Information asymmetry is a tool of modern warfare, my attorney father schooled me well. The other arrows in my quiver I hold close to to my chest hoping to never have to use them.

Now back to regularly unscheduled unplaced writing, kittens, unicorns and bunnies.

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