“Hollywood Hedgewitch” is a video project

Check out the full novel reading playlist on Youtube here. I’ll be adding to it over time until the whole book is on there.

Publishing is ableist AF. I want people to hear my stories. Read my unpublished manuscripts by whatever medium. I fully admit they’re not good enough for the gatekeepers I tried to publish them with for so many years. I am too mentally ill to be able to handle the financial complications of self-publishing. Or afford the initial financial outlay.

This is my last resort. Giving my books away for free by performing them. Think of it as bedtime stories for cynical adults. Disabled people do contribute, and our lives are valuable either way.

Please do not put me in an institution. Or euthanize me. Or take away my SSDI I paid into for 10 grueling years. Just because I can sit inside on a computer for a decade and write things no one wants to publish does not mean I can work any job. Neither does rudimentary iMovie video editing. Twelve year olds these days know how to do that now a days. We have tween Martin Scorcese’s all over TikTok.

Please just watch and enjoy the serial novels I feel compelled to put into the world.

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