Between 1991-1994 in San Diego I collaborated with Laura Ortiz, Jenny Benton Fisher, Suzanne Wood, Stephanie Santiago and others to make several issues of Hot Lunch. With collaborator Laura Brody in San Diego in 1995 we made Gun Moll. Between 1994-1999 in Portland I produced six issues of Bedtime Stories for Trivial Teens.  In 2001 in San Francisco I made the one-off Backcomb Backtalk. With collaborator Katie Jacobson in Los Angeles came General Wuzhery and Paranoid Zine. I contributed to Drivers Side Airbag, Fuck this NoiseOcho y Media, and Curves: a collection of women in their twenty-somethings in san fran. All of these are currently out of print or in private collections like the Sarah Dyer Collection at Duke University. There is an ephemerality to the zine medium which charges it both with value and a sense of loss.