Jet Set Desolate

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A dive-into post-millennial San Francisco, where electroclash cuts lines with the burgeoning dot-com bubble, and Lena falls for Jesse, a street-walking cheetah with a heart full of need. Follow the sores beneath the sequins, food stamps and semen, the broken milieu of a youth stamped between utter excess and utter loss.

“excerpt: jet set desolate,” 3:AM Magazine, June 12, 2009

“Andrea Lambert ’98: Reediana,” Reed Magazine, March 2010


“A ferocious, brilliant debut: black and extreme and sizzling” – Stephen Barber, author of Cities of Oblivion

“Lambert writes this like a death queen, perfect timing, perfect detail, perfect style, not blinking as the scenes shoot back with a fierce and savage illness. It’s hell but the scooped out perfection works like the spaced out uber cool of porn imagery or the quality of ice stocking the veins that you get when reading stories from the debauched countercultures of yore.” – Richard Marshall, contributing editor, in 3AM Magazine

“A fresh-faced work set in the once-edgy heart of San Francisco’s urban decay, expressing the disturbing underbelly and fragile psychosis of those forced to endure what they sometimes don’t deserve but, frankly, sometimes do….. Andrea Lambert’s tone and subject matter is reminiscent of previous works such as Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis and harbors a similar energy likened to Dennis Cooper’s provocative oeuvre.” – Jacquelyn Davis, curator and editor at valeveil, in Bookslut

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