Lexapro Diary

In prose and synchronistic dual lyric poetry Andrea Lambert describes a near death experience. Starting with seeing the Grim Reaper in the ER. Continuing with Jehovah and Satan arguing over her soul. Or is it all a psychotic break down brought on by her Schizoaffective Disorder? Are you willing to go down the rabbit hole and unearth the whole truth about her one-day séjour of madness, cruelty and suffering?

Published April 6, 2018 from Moonchaps, an imprint of Moonchild Magazine.

Read “Lexapro Diary: Events of January 22, 2018 online here:


“In the slender light of dawn. A cup of coffee by my hand. Just risen. Bathrobe on. The twitching began. Cramping. Twitching. My hand scrawled through the haiku. My arm thumped the table. My leg spasmed. I tripped on the table. Spilled my coffee.

What’s going on? I wondered. I have to get dressed! I thought. They can’t take me naked. They can’t come in here. Find me all splayed out dead. Drooling. Naked. I know I’m going away to the hospital. Fuck, I don’t know for how long. I need to bring things. I need books if I’m going away.

I threw my Art in Theory anthology into my bag. Thought if I was in the psych ward I could at least read some Artaud. Followed it with Last Exit to Brooklyn and The Bell Jar. I grabbed a skirt and T-shirt and pulled them on. As a crowning touch to my Sunset Boulevard moment, I took hold of an ancient, deteriorating fur coat and draped it around myself. Might as well go out kicking.”