Excerpt Bleed Almond

Previously published in The LA Telephone Book and  Off the Rocks #16: an Anthology of GLBT Writing 
Generic Butch-Femme Poem
The way you slick your hair to the side
Then ask me to razor the back
The way you pose in your wife-beater
Your breasts bound with an Ace bandage
Pink glitter scraped off your nails
When I met you,
It was bows and bows, and ruffles, glitter,
Curtains of hair down your back.
It was slow, the transformation
And in a way, I changed too
Camping it up, playing femme a little higher
Blonde bouffant, pencil skirt, heels more MILF-y
When all the buzzwords are shed like
Masturbation or petals on a Reality TV show
Leaving the bed clear
It’s you and I and we’re naked
And I fold my arms around you
And you kiss my neck sweetly,
And the curtain closes
                  That’s all, folks