Excerpt 2 Bleed Almomd


It was the summer I was so nocturnal
My sunglasses broke in July
And I didn’t get new ones
Until summer was over.

Waking up bathed in sweat
Sewers under my breasts
My stomach, a swamp
I bleed for the sun to fall

The nights bleed until they are all the same night
The same dark outside my windows
The same ceaseless rush of traffic on the 101

When dawn comes I take three pills
The light is pale blue
I try to sleep and get up again and again
While my wife sleeps the sleep of the innocent
Sleeps the sleep of the employed
I hop over her on the mattress,
Her mouth half-open,
A stuffed sheep clutched under her chin
And walk to the living room
Pour a glass of ice water
And wish for vodka.