Flirty Thirty

11049488_10155510448375165_3730632439332754114_oIan MacKinnon’s GET MORE GAY PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP presents:

Flirty Thirty: The WeHo Queer History Project
Part of West Hollywood, This Is Your Life! Saturday, June 27, 2015
Performances by:
A.J. Goodrich
Andrea Lambert
Corey Saucier
David Parke Epstein
Edwin Alexis Gómez
Ian MacKinnon
Jean SpinoSa
Martin Matamoros
Ricky Luna
Travis Wood

As West Hollywood turns the big three “O” and gets even sexier, its time to reflect on the city’s exciting and10338599_10152863877155732_6651305253311197906_o powerful past. The “Get More Gay Performance Workshop” presents short solo and group performance art pieces celebrating West Hollywood’s rich queer past. Through spoken word, movement and music, local artists will bring to life some of West Hollywood’s hidden histories, private encounters, memorable moments, political actions, and more all in an evening of exciting, cutting edge performance art pieces.

Developed over a 6 week workshop process, and using spoken word, movement, music and more, artists evoke, through performance, WeHo moments that deeply matter to them. It’s an evening of vital passionate works woven into a cohesive group show designed to celebrate WeHo and turn you on!


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