3. AL’s Poem to CW

May 6, 2018

Full Boudoir

When night falls,

Or even when it doesn’t

Just when I declare day cancelled,

My spoons spent.

Cold wind of darkness moon.


I go full boudoir.


Flurry of vintage slips

Inherited from grandma

Lace, cotton and satin

Net and organza

Enough for every night’s repose.


Bathrobes hang from every bedpost

Kimonos from San Francisco and Cambodia

Feather edged blue organza robe

Fluffy terrycloth under robe

As it take two to tango

Or two robes to keep warm.


Warm knit thigh high socks

Black, grey, tube socks striped .

For the bonus of a leg long sock

Is warmth plus easy pissing.


Never have I felt more Molly Bloom

From James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Then managing a big ole shit

In full boudoir beguiled.


Sweeping kimono and under robe

Under one arm.

Lifting light lace slip over knees.

Wiping my waste

As a century ago did Molly Bloom.


I emerge resplendent

From the bathroom

Ready to take on the night

Of interior hothouse orchid

Blossoming till dawn.