13. AL’s poem to CW

May 11, 2018

Backyard Blessing

I awake early.

Wake ‘n’ bake.

Old cold Coffee.

Tightest leggings I own.

Witchy tank top.

Thick cardigan.

I walk out into the backyard

To see what has been done

In these last three days of yard work

To survey my domain.


The dew is on the soft green grass.

Bless this lush grass.

Cheery blossom season over

The trees light up fresh green

Blessed be these fruit trees.

Ut beneficia diam

Blessings to the backyard.


Yet when I turn to

The patio.

Where I struggled,

Week after week.

To sweep

Endless petals and husks.

Never enough

Never clean enough

With a long blackberry bramble

Always foiling my sweeping.

I am overcome with joy.


I see the groundkeeper

In his sweet mercy

Hast trimmed back the bramble.

Swept clean the paving stone patio



Chaise lounge unmolested

The patio is finally clean.


Blessings upon this workman and his house

His female helper

Who used my bathroom

Without stealing my meds.

For despite

The loud heavy metal

They rocked while doing it

They hast done the chore

I struggled with most.


Blessed be my backyard.

Blessed be my groundskeeper and crew.

I mind not thine unpredictable schedule

Nor thine Guns’n’Roses

For thou art good.

All I see before me is good.

Blessed be.